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RNW - Essence Toner 140 ml

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🤍💗🖤RNW - Essence Toner 140 ml

The DER Renew Facial Treatment Essence. Do you know when to use an essence? They work much like a toner and can be used at the same step in your skincare routine! This one gives you lightweight but targeted effects from:

Healthy Probiotics 🤍

Yeast Ferments 🤍

Trehalose 🤍

When should you use an essence? You can use an essence just like you would a toner - right after cleansing, and before applying any concentrates. Apply with a cotton pad to the face and neck, or press the soaked cotton pad against rough patches for ten minutes to restore moisture and get concentrated benefits of Healthy Probiotics, Yeast Ferments, and Trehalose.

Renew Facial Treatment Essence with you! Here’s everything you need to know about the science:

Healthy Probiotics 🤍help to stabilize skin’s microbiome and restore a healthy pH balance.

Yeast Ferments 🤍 absorb better, and produce amino acids and antioxidants that improve collagen synthesis and increase skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid production

Trehalose 🤍has rehydrating, antioxidant and water-binding properties that allow your skin to retain its natural moisture